Cryoalfa® Original - Made in Germany

High quality cryosurgical instruments

Cryoalfa® is a mobile and effective device for the removal of warts, skin tags, fibromas, keratoses, hemangiomas, age spots and other common skin lesions. Cryosurgical treatment is painless, can be performed without preparation, and can be repeated indefinitely without side effects if needed. The Cryoalfa® devices have been continuously developed for a long time and convince with high effectiveness. The integration of the valve in the capsule prevents the escape of treatment gas. Cryoalfa® devices are particularly safe and absolutely maintenance-free.

Contact Freezing®

Cryoalfa® offers Contact Freezing, in which N2O (nitrous oxide) cools and presses a closed palladium / gold-plated metal contact applicator (diameter 3, 5 or 7 mm) onto the treatment site. It provides precise treatment of affected skin areas only the size of the contact applicator without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

Liquid Freezing®

Cryoalfa® offers Liquid Freezing®, which delivers N2O (nitrous oxide) directly to the treatment site through a microcapillary. The freezing effect and temperature are constant during treatment at -89 °C / -128 °F.


Delivers a constant freezing temperature of -89 °C directly at the treatment site. With millimeter accuracy, Cryoalfa® delivers the same result every time. Freezing of skin lesions to a depth of 3 mm with a diameter of 10 mm is achieved after an application time of 12 seconds....


Cartridges can be easily replaced and have the following treatment capacity:
16 g ≙ 270 sec., with a therapy time of 10 sec. = 27 treatments
25 g ≙ 360 sec., with a therapy duration of 10 sec. = 36 treatments


High price-performance ratio. Environmentally friendly, as only the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Cryoalfa® is a registered trademark of the company Cryoswiss GmbH.
Contact Freezing® is a registered trademark of Cryoswiss GmbH.
Liquid Freezing® is a registered trademark of Cryoswiss GmbH.


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