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Our certified CRYOALFA ORIGINAL devices are produced exclusively in Germany.

The small cartridges filled with N2O as an energy resource are produced exclusively for us by the company LINDE AG for our Cryoalfa devices.

Note: The gas avoids the risk of infection if the user comes into contact with blood during treatment.For this reason we would like to point out that the use of CRYOALFA ORIGINAL devices is expressly permitted only with our original accessories and consumables. Cryoalfa Europe GmbH the production site for Cryoalfa devices in Germany, and Cryoswiss as the development company explicitly do not assume any liability for Cryoalfa devices distributed and used in connection with these third party products. In this context, the existing certificates of the Cryoalfa products of the legally binding European medical device regulation lose their validity.

In addition, all warranty claims for possible material and/or health damages resulting from this illegal distribution, use and application are forfeited.

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